Cabinetry, Lincolnton, NC

We can provide just the solutions you require with our beautiful custom cabinets.

Did you know that the cabinetry you add to any room in your home can affect the way it feels and functions? If you find that your cabinetry is lacking aesthetically or functionally, you may be looking for a solution that will make you feel better about the space. At Houser Cabinet Shop, we can provide just the solutions you require with our beautiful custom cabinets built to your specifications.

Cabinetry in Lincolnton, North Carolina

Whether you want custom wood cabinets or are interested in our pre-fab cabinetry options, there are numerous options available to you in Lincolnton, North Carolina. We can work with you from design to implementation, so your cabinetry truly functions well and brings out the best in your room. We have experience outfitting the smallest bathroom spaces, whole-home cabinetry upgrades, and everything in between, giving us the expertise needed to help you achieve the best results.

Not only do we construct cabinet boxes, bases, and drawers, but we also manufacture custom entry doors that will be the perfect complement to your cabinetry selection. Choose from maple, pine, oak, and cherry, with a beautiful and lasting finish that will make your house feel like home. We use only the best solid wood selection during the manufacturing process.

At Houser Cabinet Shop, we will work with you to create the cabinetry that you have imagined for any space in your home. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and to discuss your cabinet and door requirements. We know you will love the finished result.