Custom Cabinets, Lincolnton, NC

Quality construction is at the core of our work with custom cabinets.

When you require custom cabinets for your home, you should always rely on a cabinet maker who can provide the solutions you need. Whether you have a small space, need to store specific items, or just want to make sure your cabinets are the perfect fit, you’ll find our services at Houser Cabinet Shop to be just what you need.

Custom Cabinets in Lincolnton, North Carolina

With attention to detail and using the finest-quality wood, we can create custom cabinets for nearly any specifications. Our wood selection includes an array of cedar, cherry, oak, pine and maple that will create show-stopping storage space in your home. We understand that the details are important to you, and that’s why we construct every component of our cabinetry with care. We carefully select the wood from the type that you desire, make sure each piece is without blemish, and ensure that quality construction is at the core of our work.

Once your custom cabinets are complete, we’ll ensure that they are installed expertly in your space so that you have durable, beautiful cabinetry that will last for many years to come. From bathrooms to kitchens and every area in between, you can rely on us at Houser Cabinet Shop for the custom cabinets you require in Lincolnton, North Carolina and the surrounding area.

If you have questions about our services and how we might meet your custom cabinetry needs, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Your time and satisfaction are important to us, and we look forward to working with you.