Custom Cabinet Drawers, Lincolnton, NC

Make your cabinetry work for you with custom cabinet drawers.

Many of our common frustrations regarding our kitchens and bathrooms don’t stem from lack of space, but rather from lack of organized and usable space. When designing or remodeling a kitchen or bath, a lot of decisions are made when it comes to the appearance of the cabinets. We focus on the shape, stain, color and sheen. We agonize over which knobs and pulls to choose. While these details of your pace are also important, too often we forget to make our kitchens and baths work for us with spaces that make our lives easier. A well-designed yet smaller space beats a large and dysfunctional space every time. No matter what size your room is, improved functionality can be a great addition to your cabinetry. One of the ways you can do this is with custom cabinet drawers.

Custom Cabinet Drawers in Lincolnton, North Carolina

When designing your kitchen with custom cabinet drawers, you can eliminate nuisances like foods getting lost in the back of a pantry or struggling to reach pans in a deep drawer. Instead, with custom cabinet drawers, you can reach everything with ease when you’re cooking. This helps make it not only more efficient, but a more pleasant experience, as well.

How about when designing a bathroom? Custom cabinet drawers can be helpful for issues like deep drawers where items get lost on a daily basis. If you have ever spent the better part of your morning just trying to find a bandage or the floss that’s lost in your deep bathroom drawer, you understand this struggle all too much! With custom cabinet drawers for your kitchen or bathroom, you’re more able to execute the old adage of “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

If you’re looking for function and beauty in your Lincolnton, North Carolina home, come see us at Houser Cabinet Shop for custom cabinet drawers.