Custom vs. Pre-Fab Cabinets: Which is Right for You?

At Houser Cabinet Shop, we know that the cabinets are the most important part of your kitchen. Not only do they define the look of the room, but they are also critical to the space’s functionality. In addition, cabinets account for nearly half the price of a kitchen remodel. With so much riding on your decision, it’s Important to get your cabinets right, and perhaps the biggest decision you’ll make is whether to go with custom or pre-fab cabinets. To help you choose the right option for you, we at Houser Cabinet Shop have put together a comparative guide to pre-fab cabinets vs. custom ones.

more affordable cost of pre-fab cabinets will let you splurge on other aspects of your kitchen

  • Custom Cabinets- As the name suggests, custom cabinets are designed and built to the exact specifications of your kitchen. They allow you the highest degree of flexibility in all aspects, from size to layout to style and color. However, this amount of customization carries a hefty price tag, since all the cabinets have to be built from scratch. At the same time, this investment often provides a high return when it comes to resale value.
  • Pre-fab Cabinets- In contrast to custom cabinets, pre-fab cabinets come already constructed. These cabinets are manufactured in three-inch increments (i.e. in 12, 15, 18 inches wide, etc), and offer nearly as much flexibility in layout as their custom counterparts. Pre-fab cabinets also don’t require you to sacrifice your design vision, as they are available in a multitude of styles, finishes, and materials to let you get achieve the perfect look for your kitchen. Another benefit is that the more affordable cost of pre-fab cabinets will let you splurge on other aspects of your kitchen, such as a new appliances or perhaps new dishware to fill up your new cabinets.

If you are interested in custom or pre-fab cabinets, call our team at Houser Cabinet Shop to learn more about our options.