Cherry Cabinets, Lincolnton, NC

Choosing cherry cabinets is to choose timeless charm and sophistication.

When choosing your cabinetry, it can be tough to decide between the many different types and styles available. With so many varieties of wood, you might want to research and talk with professionals like ours at Houser Cabinet Shop for the strength and lasting characteristics of each type of wood. For a timeless classic with a wide appeal, cherry cabinets are a great choice!

Cherry Cabinets in Lincolnton, North Carolina

Cherry cabinets are almost universally enjoyed in any room as a cabinetry choice because of their timeless appeal. Because cherry wood has very little or no visible grain to it, it will stain beautifully. It takes on a variety of different stains well, making it customizable. Almost all cherry cabinetry will come with a reddish tinge to the color, so it easily warms up a space without being overbearing. Even if you change the paint color, appliances, or countertops, your cherry cabinets will look great, no matter which materials you choose to complement your cabinetry.

Since cherry wood is often the choice of woodworkers and has been for hundreds of years, cherry cabinetry can easily blend in or play off of your existing décor. Due to its uses in the past, when using cherry wood, you give your space the air of timeless sophistication or craftsmanship.

If you would like to use cherry cabinets in your home, bathroom or office, our team here at Houser Cabinet Shop would love to help. We have been making quality cherry cabinets for over 50 years for our Lincolnton, North Carolina clients. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers! Come see us today for our variety of cherry cabinets.