Pine Cabinets, Lincolnton, NC

At Houser Cabinet Shop, you’ll be able to see the lovely versatility that pine cabinets can do for your space.

Cabinetry is one of the largest components of your overall style. Whether you’re designing an office space, kitchen, bathroom, or bank of closets and cubbies for a local preschool, the cabinetry you choose is crucial to the overall style that you’ll end up with. Here at Houser Cabinet Shop, we have a wide variety of cabinets in all different styles, stains, sizes and finishes available to you, including the very versatile and affordable pine cabinets. There are many different advantages that you get when you choose pine cabinets, including:

Pine Cabinets in Lincolnton, North Carolina

  • Versatility- Because pine is a very light, almost white, wood, when you choose pine cabinets, you can use almost any color stain you wish. No longer limited to browns, reds, and black, you can stain pine cabinets greens, blues, pinks– almost anything! Additionally, if you get tired of a natural finish, pine is forgiving should you choose to stain it a different color down the road.
  • Environmentally sound choice- Pine trees grow quickly and more plentiful in relation to other trees. This makes it a better choice for the environment than some of the other hardwood choices.
  • Light- Pine wood is light, making it easy for woodworkers to work with whether they’re building furniture or cabinets.
  • Durable- Pine is a fairly soft wood when compared to others, but it’s still very durable. It can absorb shock, making it dent-resistant. When hardened and stained, your pine cabinets can withstand many different kinds of use and abuse from the average homeowner.

When you’re looking for pine cabinets for your Lincolnton, North Carolina property, we want to help. Come see us today and let us show you the versatility and beauty of pine cabinets.